Family Emergency Preparedness Binder {22 Pages}

Digital Download

If a natural disaster were to happen today is your family ready? Do you have enough water and canned goods to last your household for at least 72 hours? Do you have all of your important documents easily and readily accessible (birth certificates, social security numbers, copies of drivers’ licenses, etc.)? Do you have some cash on hand?

With this printable Family Emergency Preparedness Binder, you can plan ahead and be proactive so that you and your family are prepared when the unexpected happens. 

Did you know that 41% of households say they are NOT prepared for a natural disaster? If you’re not ready, don’t worry, you’re not alone! That’s a shocking statistic! But it's one that we can change.

These PDF pages are all fillable forms so that before you print them and add to your binder, you can edit or type in your family's items right on your computer!

While getting your family ready for an emergency is a big deal, preparing for it doesn't have to be done in all seriousness either. That's why I've included a colorable version of all pages as well! 

This printable Family Emergency Preparedness Binder includes:

  • 52-Week Food Storage Plan
  • 72-Hour Emergency Kit
  • Emergency Car Kit
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Utility Contacts
  • Emergency Info
  • First Aid Kit Checklist
  • Family Emergency Plan
  • Go-Bag Checklist
  • Editable/Fillable PDF forms
  • Colorable Version of all Pages