What is Zone Cleaning and How to Do It

by Journals to Freedom October 02, 2021 3 min read

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Do you have a cluttered home? Do you have piles of clothes and dishes accumulating in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom? If so, then you need to start zone cleaning! Zone cleaning is the process of dividing your house into sections and tackling one section at a time. This way you will be able to get everything done in less time than if you tried to do it all at once. In this blog post, we will discuss what zone cleaning is, how it works, how to make a cleaning zone, and how to do it.

What Is Zone Cleaning and How To Do It

What is zone cleaning?

Zone cleaning is a great way to keep your home neat and organized without feeling overwhelmed. It's about cleaning and organizing your home one zone at a time, as the name implies. This makes the overwhelming task of cleaning the entire house less daunting. It's a different approach than cleaning one room at a time or even one task at a time.

Another way to implement zone cleaning is to divide up your monthly deep cleaning tasks into smaller weekly chores. I always planned on cleaning the oven, wiping down the baseboards and cabinets, and scrubbing the bathtubs. When you live with small children, those areas get dirty and forgotten about! But when you zone clean, you're dividing up the responsibilities that must be completed every month or two and spreading them out over the course of a week, so in reality, you'll only spend 10-15 minutes each day cleaning.

how does zone cleaning work?

Zone cleaning works because it breaks down a big task into smaller tasks. This way you will feel motivated to get the job done instead of pushing it off or procrastinating on something that seems too overwhelming. Remember, you are only cleaning in each zone daily for 15-20 minutes.

How do you make a cleaning zone?

You'll start by identifying your home’s zones. A zone is not necessarily determined by room, but rather smaller sections. If you organize your home into zones like coffee making zone, children's toy zone, or pet zone & so forth, then you'll be able to identify one or two zones a day that you can clean up. For one zone for one week, you'll spend 15 to 20 minutes each day on any one cleaning task.

How to do zone cleaning

Now that you have divided your home into zones, it's time to clean each one. For example, if the pet zone needs cleaning today then spend 15 minutes cleaning up after your pets and sweeping or mopping the floor. Then clean up the zone daily for a week.

After one week, move on to another zone or repeat cleaning up after your pets in that zone again depending upon how often you need it done. It's important to stick with this schedule so that each day you are able to clean at least two zones, which will help you clean all of your home in less time than you imagined.

printables for zone cleaning

Looking for a system that will walk you through how removing clutter & tidying up just a little bit every day adds up to big results? This printable Decluttering Binder is exactly what you need!

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printable Decluttering Binder

You did it! Your lovely home is clean and you know how to zone clean your house. Next time, try the zones in a different order so that you don't get stuck on one area for too long. Share this post with friends who may be struggling to keep their homes tidy by pinning it to Pinterest.

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